drought causing local water agencies to consider ban on filling swimming pools this summer

AUBURN, Calif. (KCRA) —The governing board of the Placer County Water Agency has put off consideration of a draft proposal that would have toughened its drought plan to include a ban on filling swimming pools and all outdoor watering. Water agency staff emphasized the proposals were still a work in progress and said pool ban was meant to send a message about the importance of conservation.                 
A potential ban on filling a new pool or performing a required drain/fill for high CYA or TDS could affect both residential and commercial pools this summer.

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VGB Drain covers due to expire in 2014

Many suction outlet covers that were installed to comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act soon will be in need of replacement.  Last December, marked the five year deadline for ensuring that all commercial pools and spas in the United States were outfitted with covers that meet the code.  Manufacturers were required to state a life span for each cover and, while some are as short as three years, the majority fall between five and seven.  Thus, many covers that were installed before the deadline soon will be due for replacement.                                                                                                    [POOL AND SPA NEWS]


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let's pool together

CPSA (2014) - Did you know that your POOL uses less WATER than your neighbor's irrigated lawn?  California is now in the fourth year of a drought!  Here are some simple tips for pools, spas, and hot tub owners to save water and money!  As a residential swimming pool owner, you are already conserving water compared to what a conventional residential backyard uses.  Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs use less water than the same square footage of a lawn... by HALF!  And, if you add in the pool deck area that would otherwise be grass, the water saved is multiplied even more.  Click the link below for more ways to save water with your pool or spa!