repairs & maintenance

HOA POOL SERVICES offers the following repair and maintenance:

  • Water Chemistry Analysis & Diagnosis
  • Water Chemistry Treatment & Balancing
  • E Coli & Bacteria Testing 
  • VGB Compliance & Certifications
  • Minor Remodel Application Assistance
  • Facility Inspection & Consultation
  • Installation of New Filters, Pumps, Heaters & Motors
  • Filter Repair & Flow Improvement
  • Pump Seal Replacement
  • Leak Detection Analysis & Repair
  • Bead Blast Tile Cleaning to Remove Calcium Build-up
  • Dive & Underwater Repairs
  • Main Drain Replacements
  • County and Annual Inspection Assistance
  • Fecal Contamination Service & Treatment (CDC Guidelines)
  • Emergency & After-Hour Repair
  • Chemical Testing Instruction for Pool Monitors 
  • Duck Abatement & Feces Removal per CDC Guidelines
  • Installations of Underwater Pool/Spa Lights
  • LED Energy Saver Lights - 3 year warranty
  • Install Chemical Control Systems
  • Drain & Acid Wash to remove stains
  • New Pool/Plaster Start-up Service & Maintenance
  • Algae Treatment & Removal
  • Broken Tile Repair
  • Broken or Loose Pool Handrail Repair
  • ​Rodent/Snake Removal from Pool
  • Safety Vacuum Release Systems (SVRS)
  • Energy Saving Programmable Variable Speed Pump Install
  • Pool Drain, Fill & Balance due to high TDS or CYA
  • Custom Pool/Spa Cover Installation
  • Resort & Hotel Grade Custom Pool Furniture
  • KoolGrip Custom Handrail Covers to prevent Injury
  • Replacement Skimmer & Code Baskets
  • Code Required Safety Signs, Hooks and Life Rings​


 Homeowner Association Commercial Pool Service Management

Purewhite Energy-Saving LEd Pool lights

vs. Energy Wasting/Yellowish Incandescent Traditional Pool LIghts

Call today for a free estimate and Cost Savings Analysis for your pool.

ADa Compliance & commercial swimming pool lifts

HOA POOL SERVICES can provide your facility with an estimate for an ADA Compliant Pool or Spa Lift, installation, maintenance and service.  Access Link for more information on ADA Compliance and Regulations from the U.S. Department of Justice.


pool inspections & closures

The County Environmental Health Department performs the majority of their annual inspections during the summer months.  If your pool is unsafe or found by a County Health Inspector to have a MAJOR VIOLATION, the pool or spa will be closed by the Environmental Management Department (EMD).  If you receive a closure notice, a large red sign will be posted and the gate will be chained and locked.  Your members, tenants, or homeowners will be prevented from using your facility until the violation has been corrected and a re-inspection has occurred.  Repeat violations that are not corrected or require re-inspection may cost your association in additional fines and county fees.

HOA POOL SERVICES will assist your facility in meeting constantly changing safety codes and regulations, while also preparing your pool for annual EMD county inspections.  Our staff of NSPF Certified Pool and Spa Inspectors will assist you in maintaining a safe and compliant pool facility for your swimmers.