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Get a $100 Rebate for Upgrading Your Pool Filtration Pump

Swimming pools can account for up to 20% of the energy a residence consumes. Single and multifamily residential customers who replace older, inefficient pool pumps or motors with qualifying energy-efficient products can achieve significant savings on operating costs and are eligible for a $100 rebate from PG&E. Upgrading to variable-speed products that can be adjusted to the most appropriate speed can save you money and energy and help to protect the environment.  Visit the PG&E website for a list of qualified pumps and program details.  


rebate programs

for variable speed pumps

$100 utility REBATE 

intelliflo or intellipro 2VST VARIABLE SPEED PUMP


 DURING THE PUMP UP YOUR SAVINGS EVENT, EARN A $100 REBATE on the purchase of a new IntelliFlo® 2 VST or IntelliPro® 2 VST Variable Speed Pump. This offer is available for a limited time.

The new IntelliFlo 2 VST and IntelliPro 2 VST Variable Speed Pumps are part of our TradeGrade family of products—exclusively made for and sold by the world’s most demanding pool professionals and only available in store. Your in-store purchase and professional installation of your new IntelliFlo 2 VST or IntelliPro 2 VST pump qualifies you for a 3-year extended warranty if you register your product within 60 days from the date of installation.

ENERGY STAR Certified IntelliFlo® Variable Speed Pumps from Pentair meet strict energy-efficiency criteria set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. These pumps save money, reduce energy use and protect the environment.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, GET $50 BACK on the purchase of any other qualifying IntelliFlo or IntelliPro Variable Speed Pump. To qualify, the pumps must be professionally installed between April 1, 2016, and July 8, 2016. Then, redeem this offer by August 8, 2016, to get your rebate in the form of a Pentair Visa® Prepaid Card. Just buy any pump from the best-selling IntelliFlo or IntelliPro Variable Speed Pump family and watch the savings start rolling in. But, don’t wait… this offer is only around for a limited time, so take advantage now! Redeem by mail or go to pentairpool.com/PumpUp to learn more or sign up for this rebate.

It’s no secret why IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pumps continue to be installed in more pools worldwide than any other variable speed pump. They are ultra efficient, resulting in energy savings of up to 90%† and cost savings of up to $1,500† each year. And, IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pumps are the quietest on the planet. With levels as low as 45 dB, you may not even know they’re operating.‡ With the introduction of the new IntelliFlo 2 VST Variable Speed Pump, our tradition of innovation continues. Join the pool revolution and get money back on your purchase. Go to pentairpool.com/ PumpUp to learn more and sign up for the offer. †Savings based on variable speed pump compared to single-speed pump running 12 hours per day at an average of $0.16 per kWh in a 20,000 gallon pool. Actual savings may vary based on local utility rates, pool size, pump run time, pump horsepower, pump rpm, plumbing size and length, pump model, service factor and other hydraulic factors. Compared to noise level of typical 1.5 horsepower single-speed pump.